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59th Australian Latvian Arts Festival Film Competition

59th Australian Latvian Arts Festival (AL59.KD) invites you to create a short Film which embodies the theme “Together” (in Latvian “kopā”) and to submit your short Film as an entry to the AL59.KD Film Competition.

Competition categories and prizes

The competition is open to entries from anyone, except AL59.KD committee members.


There are two entry categories:

1. The General category:
Age groups: All ages
Entry fee (AUD$): $20.00
​Prizes (AUD$): 1st $700.00, 2nd $350.00, 3rd $150.00

2. The Youth category:

Age groups: Under 18 years at 31 Dec 2023

Entry fee (AUD$): $5.00

Prizes (AUD$): 1st $200.00, 2nd $100.00, 3rd $50.00

The Film

The run time of the Film must be between 30 and 360 seconds (not including title and credits).

The genre of the Film is unrestricted. Some examples include Comedy, Drama, Horror, Advertisement, Stop Motion, Action, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Animation, Music Video, Satire, Parody, Documentary, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Sitcom, Western, Experimental, Abstract, Musical.

All Films must have subtitles in English.

The Film must be produced after 1 January 2023 and must not have been previously publicly or privately, theatrically or non-theatrically exhibited.


Important Dates

Submissions open: 12th November 2023

Submissions close: 10th December 2023

Films screened: 29th December 2023 at the Latvian Australian Film Festival (LAFF) red carpet event.

Winner announced: 29th December 2023 at the LAFF red carpet event.


Submission Requirements

Submission instructions will be posted on the AL59.KD website in due course

You will be asked to submit:

Film: MOV or MP4 (1920 x 1080p)

Entry form: via AL59KD website (coming soon)

Thumbnail/Poster image: 5MB (JPG or PNG)

Synopsis of film: 200 words 

Photo of entrant(s): 5mb (JPG or PNG)

Brief entrant biography: 200 words


Judging guidelines

A panel will be appointed by AL59.KD to judge the Films and may be guided by the characteristics listed below, and other characteristics deemed relevant, to inform their decision.


Judging guidelines 

The following matters may be considered by the panel of judges appointed by AL59KD when assessing the  Film, although these are not exhaustive, nor complete, and there may be other criteria that AL59KD may at  any time and from time to time determine.


The film conveys an idea (s) and purpose to the audience. Any dialogue is well written.

Use of genre 

A genre/style is made clear and stays consistent throughout the film. (even if the genre is  abstract/unorthodox)

Artistic and visual appeal

The film uses effective shots and cinematography to convey messages about the  character/storyline. Shots have appropriate lighting.


The film shows imagination and creativity (costume, set design, props etc). There is  thoughtfulness to the style and mood that suits the film.


The concept/idea of the film is original.


Scenes flow smoothly from one to another. Style of script, music, visual elements, and  cinematography stay consistent throughout the film.


Transitions and effects are used effectively with smooth blends between scenes. Visual post production elements are well put together. Colour grading suits the film.

Audio/Sound editing

Audio is balanced between dialogue, music, and sound effects. Audio is clear throughout the film.

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